[EVENT] OBT Launch Raffle

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Will be doing a raffle From OBT Launch until November 13th 2021

I'll live stream the drawing November 13th at 8PM Server Time on my twitch channel

How to get Entrys:
1 Entry per 10 minutes of play time on account
1 Entry per $1 spent on D-Points

90 Total Winners Picked

1x Mega Winner : Supporter Pack + 250k Dpoints + 10 Enriched Packs
4x Grand Prize : Supporter Pack + 150k Dpoints + 2 Enriched Packs
10x Big Winners : 150k Dpoints + 2 Enriched Packs
25x Winners : 50k Dpoints
50x Pathetic Winners : 15k Dpoints

One prize per user, Drawings will be done from largest prize to smallest and winners will be removed from the running for lower prizes.
Only accounts with at least 1 level 40+ character will be included in raffle. Tickets have already started to build. Preorder packs are NOT included in raffle entry calculations

Event [Event] Christmas Event 2021

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Guide for Christmas event :

Event period : 09/12/2021 - 05/01/2022
1) Special quest [Repeatable] Unlock Santa Box is available at Snowman NPC in Regenshein.
1) Quest is only available for characters level 45 and above.
1) Snowmen spawn across Lakia from Verband to Mt Hessian in PVP channel only.
2) Snowflakes can be obtained from snowmen and PVP kills.
3) There is a very low chance for a special key to drop as well. You will need the key to open Santa's Big Present. Key is also available in J shop.
4) You will get 1 snowflake even when you die in PVP.
5) Event item sales will be available on the week of Christmas in cash shop.

- Santa Sock [Random Box] - On openning receive one item of this list:
• Portall Scroll [Event]
• Hot Chocolate
• White Chocolate
• Sugar Cookie
• Enriched Pellurite Extract [D]
• Enriched Rubicine Extract [D]
• Enriched Pellurite Extract [C]
• Enriched Rubicine Extract [C]
• Critical Resistance 4 [Armor]...
Event [Aika Online Event] 50% Discount sale
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Starting from 1st feb till the 14th. We will be having a 50% discount on all our cash shop items except premium time, merc ticket and exiles.
Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 30th Jan 2021
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Patch Notes for today

  • Revamped skull shop.
  • Lilola now gives different buffs to each nation based on their PR ranking. (Weaker nations get better buffs)
  • You can now rebuff on enemy nations lilola.
  • Removed cost for lilola buffs
  • Karena guild quests are now available.
  • Fixed remote vendor not working in karena.
  • Removed requirement for portal use in PD to enter Apos room.
  • Removed sell price on gear people wear (to combat accidentally selling your gear)
  • Fixed leg shot incorrectly adding move speed instead of deducting.
  • Added two new quests to Lilly for daily login bonuses.
  • Disabled disassembling of AH/Gold sets.
  • Fixed return NPC in event server.

The Event thread has been updated with details on the login event.
Event [Aika Online News] February Daily Login Event!
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We're gonna be doing a monthly login event each month. You get a basic reward for logging in and a bonus reward for completing some tasks in-game.

Daily Quests for bonus items are listed below.

In order to qualify for the bonus item you need to finish both these quests.

Level 80 Set Info:
Upgraded Obsidian Honor sets with the white stats (ie. Patk matk pdef mdef) of level 80 uniques.
Having the same blue stats and set effects as cored AH.
Event [Aika Online News] PvP Raffle Event Winners
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Grand prize winner has 7 days to contact Four on discord or forums to claim his prize. Prizes will be sent out next week.
If the winner of the grand prize does not contact me, the raffle will be redrawn.

Grand Prize Winner

2nd Prize Winners

3rd Prize Winners

Participation winners
Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch]
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Patch notes for the week.

  • Ended the coupon event in traband.
  • End of the PvP event.
  • Removed skull shop magical crystal box
Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch & Event] 15/10/20
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Patch notes for this week
  • Amount of damage absorbed by Angelic Armor (Cleric) increased. Mana cost has also increased.
  • Rejuvenate (Cleric) heal slightly increased. Skill duration now scales with level.
  • Twitch BTS costumes are now enchantable.
PVP Event & Skull Shop Updates

Halloween Raffle Final.png
Event [Aika Online Event] Community Launcher Vote
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The voting for community launcher designs has begun. You may proceed to our discord server and take a look at the #polls channel to vote. Do note that you will need to link your discord/forum account to be able to vote.
Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 17/09/20
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Removed the teleporters we added last week for the event.
Buffed damage of cirrugor guards.

Skill adjustments

Howl of Dread
  • Capped to 9 seconds duration at all levels.
  • Now has a chance of breaking fear on receiving damage.

  • Changed to an active skill.
  • Now pulls all enemies(max of 6) in a radius around you and immobilizes them for 2 seconds.

Aika's Grace
  • Now applies a debuff that lasts 6 seconds every 2 seconds the buff is active.
  • Debuff will nullify the effects of another AG while active.

Heavy Guard
  • Duration increased to 25 seconds from 20.

  • Increased the cooldown to 25 seconds.
  • Increased the healing bonus from missing HP.
  • Removed cast time.

  • Increased the damage reduction and proc chance.
Event [Aika Online Event] Launcher Design Contest
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Greetings aitans. We're looking for skilled designers to help redesign our aika launcher.
HERE you will find the images our current launcher uses.

Editing Guidelines:
1. You are not allowed to resize any of the images.
2. You must redesign all of the images. (Recoloring will not be considered a redesign)
3. The copyright text/logos at the bottom of the launcher MUST be visible. You are allowed to move them around as you please or use your own font to rewrite the text.
4. You may use any resources you find on the web or make your own images/renders. (If you wish to make renders of our custom skins etc, send fireheart a ticket)
5. Buttons and loading bars MUST remain the same size and in the same location.

Please refer to the post below for information on the images...
Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 9th April
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Hello guys!

Patch notes below:

[Easter Event]
Details below

Dildo drops have been updated
Pioneering can now be skinned, if you wanted that purpley goodness
Level up boxes edited slightly
- Level 1 box now contains new player gear, this scales up to 50 when they get access to pioneering
- Level 1 box also contains an 30 day exp scroll for 1-50
Arena flags have been updated - base flag now gives 5 points, others 1 (aka ... stop fighting flags instead of each other)

For awhile we've been asked for new skins and we've resisted. Why?
Well we wanted to unique skins with new models. However we had other priorities and if anyone has seen my art skills they'll recognize that we'd rather take our time and do this right.

We've added a few basic skins to the cash shop to go along with what we already had:

Blue Back to School

These are...
Event Chinese New Year Dpoint Bonus
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Happy Chinese New Year to all those celebrating!

From midnight tonight until midnight Sunday night (server time `time) there will be a +25% bonus on any dpoints you buy through our payment systems.

May the year of the rat bring you wealth and prosperity!

Feliz ano novo chinês para todos que estão celebrando!

Da meia-noite de hoje até meia-noite de domingo (horário do servidor `time) haverá um bônus de +25% em qualquer dpoints que você comprar através do payment wall.

Que o ano do rato lhe traga riqueza e prosperidade!

Event Christmas

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[Roaming Snowmen]

It is a little bit too warm for the Snowmen outside.

You'll find them roaming around Amark, Tabazra, Darkrane and Ashwood.

Trade your Snow Crystals at Lilly in Regenshein for a Santa Sock.

Santa Socks can get you lots of Christmas Goodies and some rare items :p Open up and see!

Note: Keep your PvE Title coins until next week when we patch that in!

[Skulls drop at Winter right?]

Skulls are activated!

Take your skulls to the skull shop to collect a slightly different Santa Sock!

Santa Socks can get you lots of Christmas Goodies and some rare items :p Open up and see!

Note: Keep your PvP Title coins until next week when we patch that in!

[Bjorn's Christmas Present]

It is your turn to give something this festive season!

Nominate someone on this thread for going above and beyond ingame.

Maybe they help you out, maybe they put up with your rants or maybe they feed you kills? You choose!


[Event] (Early)Black Friday

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We have just started our Black Friday event, it will run for 36 hours, ending 10:00pm Server time on Saturday

During the event all items(except premium time) will be discounted 40%

We will also sell the following items during the event