Announcement: NEW Growth Server + Events!

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Greetings Aitans!

We have some fun news for you, which will bring great rewards and appeal to both new & old players!

FYI: Aika Vanilla is now renamed to Aika Reborn

33% extra DPoints with every purchase! (Ending 24/Mar/23 11:55pm (GMT-7))

We're opening a "growth" server. A second server starting at 50 cap that will run through an accelerated run of the level caps until it gets caught up with the main Reborn server.
Once the growth server catches up with the main server's level cap the 2 servers will merge into 1.

Both servers will be on the same client and use the same DPoints and accounts, you will just have a selection in the login screen to go to the new Growth server or main Reborn server.

The Reborn server will stay as it is now and patches made will be made for Reborn. Growth server will get any updates...

Patch Notes [Aika Vanilla Patch] February 23rd 2023 V:69 ;)

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  • Valentines Boxes will no longer spawn in Lakia - They now spawn in Traband and Disceroa
  • Valentines Hearts are now untradeable
  • Rifleman Red BTS hat fixed
  • Paladin Brown BTS Shield fixed
  • Red mounts in Valentine's event shop now have Reborn stats (See Below)
Battle Commander's Horse (Fighter)Battle Commander's Horse (Scout)Battle Commander's Horse (Spellcaster)
Increase 10 critical resistanceIncrease critical attack by 10Increase skill attack by 250
Decrease critical damage by 5%Increase 5 critical damageCooldown time decreased by 6%
Increase maximum HP by 1500Increase maximum HP by 1500Increase maximum HP by 1500

Patch Notes [Aika Vanilla Patch] February 9th 2023 V:64

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Hey Aitans!
We understand a lot of you are eager for 80-85 dailies and cute costumes etc., we ask you please remain patient with us as we work on these!


  • Chinese New Year has now ended - The event NPC will stay in Epheso for now so you can still claim your boxes!
  • FIX: CNY Small gift can now be opened (I promise!)
  • FIX: Land of Wailing Guards should not attack players now
  • Removed "Reinforce" option from Lain Pavel NPC in Disceroa
  • Disceroa Anvil can now only be used for gear repairs
  • FIX: Giant Gara field boss dropped bugged Deep Ocean Earring that did not have set effect, now replaced with correct one. (Please PM Fireheart in Discord if yours needs replacing)
  • Players who bought Special Appraisals when they were broken between 23/Nov/22 - 24/Dec/22 has received a 50% DPoint refund
  • Players who were affected...

Patch Notes [Aika Vanilla Patch] January 26th 2023 V:62

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NOTE: There are some things that we will addressed next maintenance: Disceroa Town Safe Zone, Honor Gear Quests, Save Points etc.


What's new?

-33% DPoints sale until 4th Feb 2023

  • Maximum character level has increased to 85
  • Disceroa map & Abyss Dungeon are now OPEN!
  • Maximum reinforcement level has been increased to +12
  • Arena is enabled for level 81-85
  • Lilola Hawn is BACK - 100k gold for 1-hour maximum Cleric buffs! Locations: Regenshein by portal, Disceroa Colony Landing, inside Abyss Dungeon
  • Level 80 Jumpstart item and +8 Ancient Honor Gear given to all new characters for ONE WEEK ONLY (Ending 02/02/23)
  • New players will now receive starter gear equivalent to 65 honor instead of 45 honor
  • Chinese New Year...

Patch Notes [Aika Vanilla Patch] January 19th 2023 V:61

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- Chinese New Year Event will be active for two weeks - until 02/Feb/2023

- Level cap has been increased to 81!

- Relic bind times have been extended to 2 hours

- FIX: Water pran skill Absolute Zero - when buff is active, player is stunned in place and immune from damage.

- FIX: Air pran skill Typhoon Boon description now matches function - currently reduces damage received

- PVP kills in Traband now give honor drop "Traband Skulls" - There is no use for them YET but we are working on it!

NOTE: If we find anyone botting in Traband, the punishment will be harsh. If you are botting on an alternative account, your main account will also be punished.
Events are supposed to encourage players to actively participate in the game.

Please make sure to read the rules...

Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] November 2nd 2022 V:56

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Happy Anniversary Aitans!
  • Access Hestia by using NPC Friedrich Kroeger -> Teleport south of Hero's Square​
  • 12-man & 24-man dungeons now open​
  • Level 80 Unique gear now in game​
  • Lost Mines Hell now open

  • All character skills have now been reverted to REBORN version!​

  • Changes to bind times:​
Level 1 - 45 mins​
Level 2 - 60 mins​
Level 3 - 75 mins​
  • Honor received from relic caps has been doubled!​

  • Now will give 15 tokens minimum per survivor​

  • For one week only, any new characters created will receive a Jumpstart to level 80
  • They will...

Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] October 26th 2022 V:54

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UPDATE: Automatic event is OVER. However event can still be triggered by GMs!

Greetings spooky Aitans!

Will you survive the new Asteria Halloween PVP Event?!

P.S. Premium Ticket Storage is now in Regenshein Central Road
  • Event will last for TWO WEEKS until 11/09/2022
  • Mon - Thurs: Every 6 hours
  • Fri - Sun: Every 3 hours
  • Each Event match lasts 45 mins

  • Battlefield Server (Hero's Square) accessed by NPC Friedrich Kroeger


  1. Registration opens 5 mins before each event and will close 5 mins after.
  2. Register...

Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] September 1st 2022 V:49

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Firstly, I'd like to say THANK YOU for everyone who came to pay their respects on Tuesday for Bri!
It was such a lovely surprise, which I'm sure she would have loved!
I'm trying to put together my poor quality screen recordings to make a video to share, so stay tuned!
(If anyone has any screenshots/videos, please mail them here or in Discord @GMPooHat)


- Letter Event has now ended!
- Added Aegis Potions and Improved Stat Potions to Cash Shop
- Rumble time has been changed to 10:00 EST (Server Time)

- BUG FIX: Blue Steed Mount from Star Medal Shop glitch
- BUG FIX: Deep Accessories that dropped during event have been replaced with Deep Ocean Accessories
- BUG FIX: Warlocks can now convert Ancient Honor Set into Quest Set
- BUG FIX: Paladin Black Ghost &...

Tribute for a Friend

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Hello Aitans,

We have been notified that our fellow Aitan, Bri, had unfortunately passed away in May 2022.
It is incredibly sad to hear that one of our own is no longer with us.

Bri has been playing Aika with us for many years, on the North American server and our Aika Reborn Server.

Here are a few of her in-game names you may have known her by:
  • Wh0ar3U
  • DojaCat
  • Price
  • Kimeco
  • Arma
  • AvaTotaroki
  • Koriaiko
  • justTSO
  • xMoonBear
  • Sintel
  • Yuffy

  • Bri would usually play as a Cleric, providing support and heals to her teammates.
  • She enjoyed both PVP and PVE, her favourite event being the Easter Egg Hunt!
  • One of her hobbies was practicing re-colors of Aika skins.
  • She loved to listen to afrobeats, Doja Cat, SZA and KDA music with her friends in discord while playing Aika or League of Legends.
We shall remember Bri for being an OP cleric, a great...

Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] August 19th 2022 V:48

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Amazing Aitans!
The citizens of Karena need your help to restore peace by slaying an army of new monsters on the map and in dungeons.
This time it's serious.. ALL nations must join together to fight and protect both Cannon and Castle.
Expect to be greatly rewarded for your bravery!

  • Level cap increased to 80​
  • Karena map is now OPEN - Move to Traband -> Argent Forest -> South of "Holy Ground: Lenape"​
  • Quests for Gold Set Weapon now active​
  • Karena field bosses have been moved to Traband​
  • Added new daily EXP quests for level 75-80 - Visit NPC "Bjorn" in Regenshein​
  • Added new Ancient Honor Quest Set system - More info below​
  • Event in Traband will...​

Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] August 12th 2022 V:47

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My wonderful Aitans!
After the longest maintenance known to man, here are your patch notes!



Each nation will participate in a great battle to claim their access to an exclusive dungeon that holds special rewards!

WHERE: Traband

OBJECTIVE: Your nation must earn 25,000 points to unlock the event dungeon.

Event Relic Cap = 2,500 points

PVP Kills in Traband ONLY = 10 points


  • While the dungeon is locked, every 1 hour a field boss will spawn near Lahom Post that will drop an Event...
Event [Event] POSTPONED: Vanilla 6x6 Tournament!
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First 6x6 Vanilla Tournament!
Organised by: Candlemass

Battlefield Server (Lava Map)

Party up and get ready for the very first battlefield tournament!

Players will take part in elimination matches on deathmatch mode and the first team that reach 50 points will be the winner and advance for the next round, each time more close to be the big winner and get very nice prizes!

You can watch everything on a Twitch stream: To be announced.

Perfect Party e.g. WR | PL | RM | DG | WL | CL
Perfect Party with 2x class of your choice e.g. RM | RM | WR | PL | DG | CL

Registration fee is 15k DPoints PER TEAM and will be given as a reward at...

Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] July 14th 2022 V:46

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Version: 46 Patch Notes:
  • Event Dungeon removed.
  • Divine Ward base cooldown increased to 200 seconds. (was 150)
  • Reduced the amount of Traband medals required to craft "Medal Of Accomplishment" to 15. (was 100)
  • Increased refinement rates.

Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] July 2nd 2022 V:43

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Version: 43 Patch Notes:
  • Calamity changed to purple debuff. Doubled the base damage of the skill.
  • Removed cast time from divine strike but increased cooldown.
  • Removed cast time from onslaught. Removed cast time aegis.
  • Removed cast time from defiance. Removed cast time from blades of aika.
  • Made provoke give maximum threat level at level 1 and set the max level of the skill to 1.
  • Cure now has additional healing based on 7% of the target's missing hp.
  • Added higher tier of honor crystals(forgot to at start of 75 cap)
  • Halved divine ward duration and cooldown.
  • Improved mana shield mana efficiency.
  • Decreased blood strike hp to damage conversion by 1% across all levels.
  • Increased max transferable damage from martyr to unlimited, adjusted duration and cooldown, added a damage reduction buff.
  • Water pran artic aegis cd increased to 5 minutes, duration halved across all levels.
  • Removed Holy axe: Stella + Holy Shield...

Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] June 23rd 2022 V:42

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Version: 42 Patch Notes:
  • Calamity changed to purple debuff. Doubled the base damage of the skill.
  • Reflect blow changed to reflect all damage for % seconds.
  • Deliverance is now instacast.
  • Immortal Faith changed to a passive and HP value doubled.
  • Sharpshooter crit damage reduced.
  • Mirrored Agony reflect value decreased.
  • Aika's Grace now applies a short debuff that nullifies usage of another AG while the debuff is active.
  • Temple's have been buffed.
  • New Skins added to the Item Shop
  • New command added to toggle on/off pieces of gear. (Explained below)

New command:

*ced [Slot] [Setting] [Slots]

Slot Options: All | Helm | Armor | Glove | Boot | Shield
Setting Options: Show | Hide | Nude

For example, if you wanted to hide your helmet you would enter the following command in your normal Aika Chat.

*ced Helm Nude
This will show your character with no helmet.

Alternatively, if...

Maintenance Notice [Aika Online Maint] June 23rd, 2022

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Hello Aitans,

Servers shutting off at 01:00 AM EST for weekly Wednesday night/Thursday morning maintenance.

If you have any questions, suggestions or just want a chat feel free to make a thread on the forums or join the Helnet discord:

Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 16th June 2022 Version: 40

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*If you wish to have your Ring Accessory enchants refunded, please send an in-game mail with your Ring to any GM (GMPooHat, GMWhaylee, GMLermont) and they will refund you the Accessory Crystals - Please be patient as there will be a lot of requests incoming!*

♥ Added NEW Costume system with separate Weapon Costume!
♥ Ring Accessory - stats removed and made tradable to allow for refunds.
♥ Buffed WR Skill Bloodstrike damage & DG Skill Bloody Rose now casts instantly.
♥ Pran skills capped at level 70 values - Can max pran level, but skills will only give level 70 effect.
♥ Fixed descriptions for some Pran skills.
♥ Fixed Remote Vendor in Leopold/Traband.
♥ New NPC Zotics in Regenshein behind Auction House.
♥ Costume Crystals can be bought with new Medal of Accomplished Hero.
♥ 100 of either Lakia AND Traband Medal of PVP to make...

Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] June 9th 2022 V:39

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Version: 39 Patch Notes:
  • Rings have been excluded from set effects, all prior set effect 4s are now set effect 3s in prep for new weapon skin using ring slot
  • Athlon has been disabled
  • Skins removed from the J shop
  • GMs can refund any already purchased, but unused skin items. Please open a ticket if you need a refund. (Meaning not already skinned to your set)
  • Used skins will be refunded once the costume changes go live with next week's maintenance

Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] June 4th 2022 V:38

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Version: 38 Patch Notes:
  • Fixed Sacred Medals not being given after relic capping
  • Fixed the issue with Traband titles not progressing
  • LMA Buff descriptions changed to display the correct values
  • Level 71+ guild quests added at the bottom of the guild quest shop
  • 71+ Guild quests are Termiz guild quests with 10x guild points/exp.
  • Premium mounts added to the Item shop
  • LCH/LCE Daily changed to dungeon mobs
  • Fixed the issue with success percent not displaying properly when crafting Truth Seeker
  • Fixed the descriptions for 71+ gold daily quests
  • Added 2 new custom skins to the Item shop Modded 85 honor / Modded Gold Set

Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] 19 May 2022

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Patch Notes:-

  • Level cap increased to 75.
  • Added traband map.
  • Merged potions in premium vendor.
  • Made archon guilds have the same buff as LM guild.
  • Increased amount of guild exp gained from guild quests. (Price on the scrolls also increased)
  • Added daily quests in traband to Jason Bradley and the Entry npc for Lycan Cave.