Relic Info

Amarkland Temple
The Amarkand Temple was the first Temple built in Lakia. After the arrival of the monster Gressil, all relics in Amarkand were moved to Kynari Temple. The Amarkand Temple was restored after the protective Halos came into being.
Tabazra Temple
The Tabazra Temple was created by the Algon to store their sacred treasures. After Algon was destroyed, the Lakian Congress restored this Temple and used it for its own benefit.
Algon Temple
The Algon Temple was built on Mt. Hessian's rough terrain and overlooks a basin, which makes defending the Temple convenient. It was constructed at the same time as the Lakian city Cirrugor, whose guards also protect the Temple.
Kynari Temple
Kynari Temple is the only Temple which was not built by human hands. Initially constructed by the Kynari to house their treasures, the Temple was later captured by humans. Conflict over the ownership of the Temple continues to date.
Zeelant Forest Temple
A temple of unknown potential currently garrisoned by Guards and Aitans. The tremendous power emanated by the aura covering this temple leads people to believe that another Zereka conspiracy may be hidden inside