60 Cap

We're gonna release 60 cap on the 11th of Dec.
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I think that all the hype over the game droped drastcally. So releasing 60 cap isnt a bad idea. But here is a piece of advice: Im a Brazilian Player, and im very aware of the cheaters in this game and how they affect the economics, reason why i havnt put any real money in it. I also know bout your effort trying to keepem out of the game. Please, do a big event related to this cap, spots on regular maps (so they will be afraid of using cheats). IDK who has the ideas for the events but, rhey'r kinda weak, it doesnt get us involved. The speedrun event were just for the top players. what about the regular players?
Hope u consider my words. Aika should be a more diverse game.
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Reinstale que resolve, aqui resolveu assim.