Patch Notes [Aika Online Patch] July 30th 2020


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Hello Aika Online players,

[General Notes]
Contested land now has field bosses! Check around the amark face to find them.
Mutants are back in Lakia PvP channels - with us implementing the jump start removing these didn't really achieve very much. We also considered that moving the crystals to new places and allowing different ways to get the titles may get a bit confusing for old Aika players.
Buffs in Contested Lands should be changed to match the vote (we forgot last week sorry!). You'll see a new vote come live over the next few days.
Fixed pricing discrepancy with G1 45 honor costumes.

[Pre-75 Cap Giveaway]
We really wanted to double down on the freebies we give out. We've put lots of changes into places to try and be a less expensive server and some of those have worked and some haven't. Things like the WebMarket, powders for all to farm and cheaper in general cash shop items works well. But we know some people struggle so this is probably one of the biggest freebies we've ever given away.
The box contains:
- Jumpstart to 65
- 65 honor gear +8 with a +9 weapon
- 65 honor accessories
- Mount box (so you can pick your mount)
- Mount license (90 day) and Mount saddle (90 day)
- A 30 day costume (we selected the G2 modified honor)
- Reborn Dpoints Tokens
These can be redeemed at the NPC (Roach) and spent on items of your choosing. There are a large amount of items in the shop and I'll let you see those for yourselves.

It would be lovely if you can tell your friends about this giveaway - particularly if your nation is a bit lacking in the numbers. It is no secret we are working towards 75 cap later in August and we'd love to see some big fights in Traband when the time comes.

[General notes]
Contested Lands now has Giant Bosses! Check through the center of Amarkand and find them.
Mutants were added back in Lakia on PvP channels - with the jump start implementation removing them was not as good an idea as we expected. We also considered moving the drop of their crystals to other places and adding new methods to acquire their titles, but that would be a little confusing for old Aika players.
Contested Lands buffs will be changed to match the vote (we forgot to change last week, sorry!). You will see a new vote over the next few days.
Fixed the price of G1 customs of level 45 honor

[Pre Cap 75 Gifts]
We really wanted to improve the gifts we gave out. We changed a lot of things to try to be a "cheaper" server, with some of them having worked and others not. Things like WebMarket, the Post system for everyone to be able to farm and cheaper items in general at the cash store worked well. But we know that some people are still struggling to get their items, so this will probably be one of the biggest gifts we've ever donated.
The box contains:
- Jumpstart to level 65
- Honor 65, being the set +8 and weapon +9
- Level 65 Honor Accessories
- Mount Box (so you can choose your mount)
- Riding License (90 days) and Saddle for Riding (90 days)
- 30-day appearance (we chose the modified G2 version of the honor)
- Reborn Dpoints Tokens
These can be exchanged at NPC Roach for items of your choice. There are a lot of items in the store and I will leave it for you to see for yourself.

It would be great if you could tell your friends about the gifts - especially if your nation is low on contingent. It is no longer a secret that we are working to release cap 75 at the end of August and we would love to see a good old Leopold PvP when the time comes.


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@Four I am assuming the 65 Jumpstart no longer applies anymore?
Hi there, this is a patch note from the Reborn Server in 2020. In the current Vanilla server, there are no jumpstarts. However there are daily EXP quests from the NPC "Bjorn" - located in Regenshein, behind Auction House :)