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Appointment: Noah, cuz he is the most handsome guy in this world, and keep our guild up when they are sad and lazy to raid... Our fatty boy is the real MAN!


Appointment: "Astrickz" for every time you run your life, even every other server you open, always struggles hard to be the strongest in the game and not give up. You know a lot to help and you deserve too much.:cool:


"Kratos and Aika Friends Saved me From Depression"

My real life relationship has always been a failure..in additional with the kind of job I have. Stress+Depression+Anxiety.Last October.. I nearly do something that will end up my suffering.

But one day Kratos pmed me on FB(maybe he noticed my everyday emo post) to play back again.
He has been my Aika friend from older servers before. Kratos and Aika become the instrument to cure my depressions..
Kratos patiently helped and taught me how to play Aika again.Even guiding me how to install it properly.All of my Aika questions.
He patiently helped me without complaining.
Not only to me even to guild mates.He is helpful and the real talker.

I just want to share my story because I want him to know that I appreciate him not only my Aika friend but as a real friend too.
And I also would like to thank Aika,aika friends and all of my aika guild mates for being an instrument..to make my everyday Life more fun.
In this game I feel like I am in a different and in a fantasy world.

I love my character as a paladin,dg,and a cute cleric. Playing with my guild mates excites me the most especially when we are doing the dungeons run. Pvp is fun too.

And the most exciting part is the changing of new sets and dressing up my pran too I loveeee it
Kratos and Aika...
Thank You
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