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Aitan Corporal
In my last patch notes I spoke about our desire to get a few more GM's onto the team. Here is what we hope these issues may address:

- Better communication with players
- Faster support response
- More ingame events
- More integration between players (GM's) and devs (Bjorn / Four)

Most of these are to support me within my role as I am not as active as I used to be. Those on discord will have noticed we have already appointed 2 new GM's:

- Raphy
- Yamiyo
- AntiMonitor

Over the next few days we hope to get a couple more. We'll be sorted some GM accounts for them over the next few days. Then we'll start off with some simple events so you'll start seeing them ingame.

I think its important to note a few points here:

- GM's will not log into your account, so therefore do not require your password or pin.
- GM's have a right to ignore you if you pm their personal account.
- All support requests should come through discord by messaging Fireheart, or the support section of the forums.

In my last patchnotes I commented on our desire to get some more GM's for our team. Here's what we hope these changes can solve:

-Better communication with players
-Faster support response
-More in-game events
- Greater integration between players (GM's) and developers (Bjorn / Four)

Most of the new GM's are to support my role, as I am not as active as I used to be. Those on Discord have already noticed that we have pointed out 2 new GM's:


During the week, we hope to get some more. GM's accounts will be distributed over the next few days. So we'll start with a few simple events, so you can start seeing them in the game.

I think it is important to highlight some points here:

-MG's will not log into your account, so they will not require your password or PIN.
- GM's have the right to ignore them if you send direct messages on your profile.
-All support requests must be made, through Discord, by sending messages to Fireheart or through the Support section of the forum.


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